Продам: Antique Oil Painting, MID7WW464 , 1940, Jansen Rudolf - Купить: Antique Oil Painting, MID7WW464 , 1940, Jansen Rudolf , Ашхабад - Продажа: Куплю, продам разное Ашхабад - 2894019



Antique Oil Painting, MID7WW464 , 1940, Jansen Rudolf - Куплю, продам разное

Код: 2894019 Создано: 24-06-2020 22:06

Цена: 2 800 EUR €

Продам, предлагаю: Куплю, продам разное, Туркменистан, Ашхабад

ANTIQUE! Beautiful painting with a 1938 in signed - Jansen Rudolf, Trophy Third Reich WW2 (1944) This painting was supposedly owned by Jansen Rudolf -German officer Waffen-SS and was acquired from a private collection. On the painting at the back there is an sticker with the name of Jansen Rudolf and German seal ww2. Oil painting Nice motif. Framed in a wooden frame. Painted on wooden wall. Nice motif. Framed in a wooden frame. Original painting! - No reproduction or printing. The dimensions with frame are approx. 80 x 60 cm. Size with frame: W 100 x H 80 cm Stock number - MID7WW464 Price: 2800$ The Painting are sold - without a military box and photo! Also in our warehouse, there are other paintings and objects by Jansen Rudolf. These objects, as expected, belonged to high-ranking Nazi leaders 1945 of those times. This is a great element for any interior, private museum. These items belonged to the owner of a private collection from Sherbrooke, Canada, and were acquired by the Canadian company Sollca, and Sollcaart in Lithuania is responsible for sale of these goods. Item location: Vilnius, Lithuania - stock number MID7WW464 I can offer only historical objects and militarism only for collectors, reenactors, historical organizations and theatrical purposes. I do not support or represent any organization that promotes hate or racism. I am not affiliated with/or embrace the philosophies of any radical, political, or racist organizations. I can only offer historic items and Militaria for collectors, re-enactors, historical organizations and theatrical purposes only. I also have other antiques of those years, which were also stored for a long time in the war boxes of World War II. When sending, a full video report is made on the packaging of this package to avoid further misunderstandings when receiving this product, and a tracking code is provided to track the package. My photos do not do this beautiful painting true justice, you will not be disappointed. Item will only be shipped to certain countries. Before buying, please contact us. Please feel free to ask any questions about this item or any of my other items for sale. Thank you for viewing our items, best regards Sollcaart.. MID7WW464.

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